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¿Qué es la informática?

25 Dec 2020

In this weird year of pandemics and national lock-downs, one of the most valuable (and expensive!) gifts I received is from Spain.

Ekaitz Zarraga chosed to open the ElenQ Publishing initiative with a curated Spanish translation of my essay What is Informatics?.

Ekaitz did an impressive work: beyond the language translation, he turned every single link of my hypertext into a very informative footnote that was designed to give the readers enough context to understand the text but also raise their curiosity to delve deeper.

So my article now has been translated to Spanish, turned into a real book and published on August 10, 2020 with ISBN 978-84-122572-0-5!

You can buy a printed copy from ElenQ Publishing for just 15€ that will support an ethical publishing initiative.

But since Ekaitz acts as he preaches, you can also download the book for free, on that same page and in several formats, including the source code.

Ekaitz is a hacker.
He knows that knowledge want to be free.
After all, information exists to be communicated!

Thanks Ekaitz! :-)

Post Scriptum

With Ekaitz's book, What is Informatics? is now available in three languages: English, Spanish and Catalan (thanks to Rafael Carreras).
I hope that with the new year, I'll find the time to translate it in Italian too, but do not hold your breath: I deeply appreciate their work because I know how much time it can take to translate and adapt such kind of text!